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Sunday, February 7th: "The Wounded Healer...Growing Forward"

"Today I completely accept spiritual ideas as the circulatory efficiency of my life."

Sunday, January 31st: "A recap of the Basics"

From 365 Days of Richer Living –

"Today I walk in the light of God’s love. Today, I am guided and my guidance is multiplied. I know exactly what to do; exactly how to do it. There is an inspiration within me which governs every act, every thought, in certainty, with conviction and peace."

Sunday, January 17th: "What It Does"

I am an incredible powerful miracle of the Divine

Sunday, January 3rd: "The Thing Itself"

I KNOW that the changeless abides with me. I am calm and peaceful in the midst of confusion. I know that nothing moves the soul. Peace, infinite peace, is at the center of my being. I live, move, and have my being in that which is perfect, complete within itself.


~ 2020 ~

Sunday, December 11th: "Be the Light"

Today I will walk in the light and my consciousness will be illumined. My thoughts will be guided and my way guarded, for I know that in my light there is no darkness. In this Divine Light, there are no shadows. 


From Sunday, December 6th: "Gifts of the Advent Season"

I go forth this season filled with joyful expectation of New Light, new Life, New Joy, New Goodness of the Divine


From Sunday, November 29th: "The Art of Receiving"

I stand with my body and heart open to goodness; and I know there is nothing that separates me from the river of life as I give and I receive


From Sunday, November 22nd: "The Spirit of Thanksgiving"

I celebrate the spirit of thanksgiving; expressing harmony, cooperation, prosperity, and gratitude.

From Sunday, November 15th: "What is God Giving You?"

I go forth under the constant good of God


From Sunday, November 1st: Compassionate Conduits - Loving Kindness

Today I choose wisely, with Loving Kindness for myself and others; and to decisively express my authentic self in all that I do.


From Sunday, October 25th: Cosmic Connections - Story of Jabez

I am blessed. I am a blessing to others.


From Sunday, October 18th:

I go forward each day with curiosity and kindness; to get connected and stay connected.


From Sunday, October 4th: Cosmic Connections - Building Bridges Over Troubled Waters

I build bridges of peace; I build bridges of kindness, I build bridges of Love.


From Sunday, September 20th: Faith In Action

I live as Faith in Action, exemplifying an attitude of trust, compassion and love.